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The mission of TANDEM PLUS will be to develop actions and strategies to solve the social, political and economical inclusion problems of the disadvantaged and to promote the principles of social cohesion and access to employment for all.

The members belonging to TANDEM PLUS will collaborate mainly on working towards the

following common goals:

  • Promoting equality between the sexes
  • Fighting against discrimination of all sorts
  • Carrying out studies, research and analyses in the fields of social policies, of the labour market and of both formal and informal Lifelong Education
  • Promoting the dissemination of information and knowledge about social policies at the European level;
  • Establishing the Network as a recognised actor in the EU community in order to have a decisive impact on the decision-making processes in the field of social inclusion
  • Developing specific projects in the field of social inclusion
  • Developing and promoting actions geared towards conserving and restoring our European heritage;
  • Designing and carrying out projects in the areas of vocational training, get to work programmes and local development
  • Improving and promoting intercultural exchange
  • Developing actions in support of youths faced with limited opportunities
  • Trying out new models and methods of integrating the disadvantaged
  • Extending TANDEM PLUS to associations on an international level

European network Tandem plus statutes