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TANDEM PLUS draws on the experiences of different European countries which are faced with serious problems of social exclusion and poverty. It consists of partner structures from multiple disciplines which work together towards finding solutions to these problems by pooling their human, technical and financial resources.

Exchanging information on methods and experiments has lead to improvements in the different inclusion policies adopted by the different countries, thereby elaborating new working methods. Participating structures share their experiences and develop trans-regional socio-economic policies by associating a whole spectrum of actors from economic, political, social, socio-cultural, educational and research fields. Together they weave a multi-faceted partnership, working towards the social inclusion of the target groups.

Drawing on the collective experience of all the actors involved in order to highlight the most positive and enriching experiences, we work to develop and improve the inclusion process for those target groups most at risk. This collaboration further confirms the legitimacy of our missions in the regions concerned and leads to better recognition of our actions, not only by the government institutions of our respective countries but by the European Union and international institutions as well.

The network’s partner structures have chosen to coordinate their actions in view of designing, developing and implementing new scenarios and new pathways to trans-national co-operation, while still respecting one another’s specific missions.